Paul Weber is one of the most respected and prolific casting directors in Hollywood. As an exceptional teacher and communicator, Mr. Weber can clearly and effectively teach actors what to expect and how to best prepare for an audition.


Workshops are specifically tailored for Actors depending on experience and age (10 years and up).


A full day or weekend intensive that demystifies the audition process by educating the actor about the “business of the business”, and prepares the actor how to own who they are in the room in a truthful and creative way that allows the actor to be present in the moment and work from a place of power.


There are good actors and then there is what happens in “The Room.”  The Audition – “The Room” in Hollywood vernacular, is both a necessary element to casting any project and one of the most dreaded for all actors. It is easy to see why. In this inherently “unnatural” space, the actor must convince the casting director he or she is the “natural” choice for a role – often with limited time, under tremendous pressure, and competing with hundreds of talented peers waiting anxiously in the hall.

It feels a bit like a game and perhaps rightly so. But winning takes both skill and strategy. Would you start playing basketball without understanding the rules? Would you go “all in” at a poker table not knowing if your hand is good? Bluffing can only take you so far, and you can’t depend on luck alone.

So why go into an audition without doing everything you can to learn about the process?

Paul Weber is one of the most respected and prolific casting directors in Hollywood.  As an exceptional teacher and communicator, Mr. Weber can clearly and effectively teach actors what to expect and how to best prepare for an audition.


Having taught thousands of students around the world, Mr. Weber has created a dynamic, efficient, and highly effective intensive program.

The first half of the workshop, Mr. Weber reveals:

  • The Casting Perspective – What Casting professionals expect from Actors. What key elements are they looking for?
  • Why Some Actors Succeed – Mr. Weber talks about the actors he’s worked with and what makes them successful, including Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Dakota Fanning, and Reese Witherspoon.
  • What You Can Do Right Now – Jumpstart your career with these valuable tips for self-branding and marketing.
  • How Not to Get an Agent – What is the protocol for contacting an agent, manager, or casting director?  What are surefire ways never to get one?
  • Headshots & Resumes – The very latest on these crucial tools – and how the digital revolution is transforming the Audition process.

The second half of the workshop focuses on the actual Audition and gets the Actors on their feet.  Using scene work to experience and illustrate, Mr. Weber covers:

  • The Anatomy of the Audition – What actually happens?
  • How to make the Boldest, most Effective Choices in The Room.
  • The importance of Listening, Cold Reading Technique, Script Analysis
  • How to Deliver Your Best Read The First Time
  • Why Some Actors Fail – Common and avoidable mistakes that can take Actors out of the picture immediately.

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  • Paul Weber saw a skinny, uncredited actor audition for the role of a hulking, iconic gladiator. Everything I knew about auditions told me, no matter how hard I tried, I didn’t have a chance. Paul taught me the things I assumed about casting could be wrong – a good casting director will see the potential, regardless of the situation. His vision, belief and advice through the audition process was instrumental in me getting cast in Spartacus, something that has opened an entire career to me, and completely changed my life.”– Liam McIntyre, star of “SPARTACUS”

  • It is Paul’s gift to actors, to reach them and teach them to be better performers is truly a site to behold . . . I highly recommend Paul Weber’s class to directors of schools and institutes worldwide.–Marg Haynes, Director, The Australian Institute for Performing Arts

  • Our Theatre students along with the faculty have had the pleasure of learning the latest about onscreen casting from one of Hollywood’s most respected casting directors … (Weber has) an insightful nature, generosity of spirit, and inherent integrity…–Ellen Faith Brodie, Director of Theatre, Eastern Connecticut State University

  • Any actor who is serious about their craft and career should be willing to leap tall buildings to get in front of Paul Weber. My clients revere him – and I challenge anyone to find a Casting Director more highly regarded both professionally and personally in our industry. –Steve Rohr, President, Lexicon Public Relations, Los Angeles

  • I am a big Paul Weber fan! Playing Melitta in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena was rewarding both professionally and personally.  It was also totally different from how I was viewed as an actress.  I will always be grateful for Paul’s abiding belief in me. –Marisa Ramirez, Actress, Series Regular “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

  • To walk into Paul Weber’s casting office is an extraordinary treat compared to most. His empathy for the time, effort and pure passion it takes to achieve the maximum audition performance is not only a rarity, but his success in generating results speaks for itself. Thank you Paul, couldn’t have done it without you!–Ellen Hollman, Actress, Series Regular, “Spartacus: Vengeance”

  • Paul is by far the most insightful coaches I’ve ever had. He breaks down the beats of a scene, but still helps you bring your best self to the script. I owe most of my best performances in the room to his direction.”–Anna Akana, actress

  • Nothing like having a teacher who can be relevant and at the same time relate information and concepts that can immediately increase your power and effectiveness for auditions and performance.  Paul Weber connects the dots for the on-camera actor and the picture is perfectly clear.”– Greg Jones-Professor Theatre Arts-Sante Fe College

  • You were just so wonderful , gracious  and so giving of your attention and energy to the actors! I have had so many thank you notes and messages of the ” fabulous-life changing” workshop, the “incredible information”–and how “dynamic” you were.” – Asunta Fleming Events Director Ojai Film Festival

  • “Your workshop was so much fun. You are so welcoming  and charismatic which helped me a lot because I am not primarily an actor. Your approach didn’t make me nervous at all and your advice made so much sense. I appreciated your honesty and your willingness to help the individuals in the group discover both strengths and areas that have not fully developed yet.  I certainly have a new appreciation for actors and the process of casting.”  – Katharine McManus-Directing major, Eastern Conn. State University